Annie Selby

Tucked among the Judean Hills with a sweeping view of the Soreq Valley, lies a unique terroir that perfected the Artoul family’s dream to create excellent wines. The sun-drenched vineyards produce top-quality grapes, resulting in a wide range of superb wines.

Mony Estate Winery required a new brand design. We created a fresh new identity that is proudly Israeli. The challenge was how to differentiate this historical winery from the existing brand masses of Israeli Wines. The final result was a breakthrough for this winery. The four ranges proudly showcase this family’s history and heritage.




The Special Reserve Range classical black label comes complete with beautiful individual gift boxes.

The Estate Reserve and Nahal Ranges communicate price points with silver and gold foil, respectively.

The color-coded M-range flaunts all the glorious varietals with style and elegance.

This new brand truly reflects the winery, including its remarkable wines with honest contemplation.


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