Lavernia & Cienfuegos

Carrer de Félix Pizcueta, 23, 46004 València, Valencia, España


Piel·e represents a cosmetic product line crafted with ingredients sourced from Spanish agriculture, embodying the essence of Mediterranean culture. The brand is aimed at individuals who want to be part of the responsible and sustainable change in the cosmetics industry.



For this project, we meticulously crafted the logo using Larken Thin, which is stable and rich in nuances. By employing lowercase letters in the design, we aimed to convey a sense of reliability and approachability, fostering a strong connection with the brand’s target audience.

Turning our attention to the packaging design, we deliberately opted for a white background coupled with a minimalist text composition, intending to evoke the inherent elegance that defines the brand. The use of an organic die-cut shape serves as a creative resource, not only revealing the interior colour of the product but also encouraging user interaction.

The choice of translucent glass for the primary packaging further enhances the overall experience, reinforcing sensations of softness and sensoriality that are integral to the brand. Through these carefully considered design elements, we strive to create a visually compelling and engaging brand identity that resonates with the brand’s values and aesthetic.


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