Ultra Compact is a new generation personal care and cosmetics brand reaching consumers in 50 countries worldwide. Istanbul based award winning packaging design agency Orhan Irmak Tasarım, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, was asked to design the brand architecture of Ultra Compact Perfume packagings for the international market. Ultra Compact Perfume took its place on the shelves following the successful launch of women’s and men’s skincare series, also designed by Orhan Irmak Tasarım team in 2022. The perfume product range consists of 4 fragrance notes: Midnight and Dark Horizon for men, Harmony and Serenity for women.

“We used a comma silhouette as the main visual element of design, symbolizing a small pause, taking a breath and continuing on.” says Dr. Orhan Irmak, design director of the agency. Within the comma shape, illustrations explaining the scent of each product were included. The gold color used in the logo and illustration details is the integrating element of the series consisting of four different scents. While dark tones compatible with the cap color were preferred as the background color for a masculine appearance in men’s perfumes, feminine and lighter colors and golden yellow caps were chosen for women’s perfumes.

Established in 2004, Orhan Irmak Tasarım is the leading branding and packaging design agency in Turkey. To date, Orhan Irmak Tasarım has received nearly 100 awards in national and international design competitions on packaging design including Red dot, Pentawards, WorldStar and Design Turkey. The agency is a member of GLBA – Global Local Branding Alliance. In addition to its Istanbul office, GLBA also has offices in New York, Berlin, Shanghai, Moscow, Sao Paulo and Johannesburg.