Kirill Krasilnikov

Москва, Россия

The “ПШ” [PSh] design project centers around the concept of integrating paint with packaging to create an engaging experience for the consumer. The brand name itself, “ПШ”, is formed from smudges of paint, representing the Cyrillic letters “П” and “Ш”. This technique not only establishes the visual identity of the brand but also serves as a direct link to the product – paint.

The name “ПШ” is not merely a combination of letters but an imitation of the sound produced when spraying paint from a can. This auditory element adds a layer of dynamism to the design, creating a multisensory experience for the consumer.

A distinctive feature of the project is the unique drip pattern assigned to each color in the series. This differentiation provides an instant visual cue for identifying different paint colors, making the products more accessible and user-friendly.

By seamlessly integrating design, function, and the essence of paint, the “ПШ” packaging design stands out as a creative and practical solution for a spray paint can series.


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Kirill Krasilnikov

Москва, Россия
Designer: Kirill Krasilnikov
Curator: Leonid Slavin