Ozan Karakoc

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Bariz reached out to Ozan Karakoc Design Studio to unleash their brand’s full potential. Our project covered Brand Strategy, Naming, Tagline Creation, Brand Identity Design, and Packaging Design.

We began by immersing ourselves in the company’s story through stakeholder interviews, crafting a Brand Strategy to ensure a compelling brand narrative. Our aim was to create a memorable brand experience rooted in quality and excellence.

Defined as ‘setting the gold standard for Turkish extra virgin olive oils and elevating the status of olive oil in society’, Bariz embodies both local authenticity and visionary ambition. This duality inspired a ‘local hero’ icon and a compelling brand narrative.

Naming and Tagline Creation led us to ‘Bariz’—a Turkish term for ‘clear, obvious, apparent’, reflecting its exceptional quality. Our chosen tagline: ‘The Gold Standard in Olive Oil’.

The design process followed, with careful selection of packaging to match the brand’s essence. The logo and packaging design ran simultaneously, resulting in a tough decision for the Bariz team to pick the winning design.

Upon selection, we extended the design to the packaging of Centaury Oil, Olive Oil Soap, tin, and the Special Collection gift box.

Through strategy and design, we crafted a premium brand reflecting Bariz’s exceptional products and mission for excellence.

Bariz has just started serving its customers at premium grocery stores and gourmet food marketplaces.


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