Connecting maritime tradition with modern design or crafting a box that narrates the tale of departure and the immense joy of return. The Lošinj nougat embodies the story of Croatia’s golden maritime era (18th-19th century), where sailors spent most of the year at sea, awaited eagerly by their families. Each return became a family celebration marked by a specific treat – nougat, traditionally broken with a sword. The more fragments, the greater the happiness. Almonds and sugar were luxuries then, making this sweet, composed solely of two ingredients, a true symbol of wealth.

Our mission was to conceptualize the visual identity and package design for this authentic product from one of Croatia’s most picturesque islands – Lošinj. A refined Admiral blue symbolizes the sea and Lošinj’s maritime heritage, enhanced by gold, the color of prosperity and festivity.

For the logo, we opted for sturdy typography with a historic touch and classic demeanor. The letter “R” features a stylized saber, while the fractured letter “N” mimics nougat and signifies the north (where Lošinj is located). A meticulously crafted illustration of the Addio sculpture, symbolizing tradition, love, and loyalty, takes center stage, honoring the women who bid farewell to sailors and eagerly awaited their return.


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