La Tomasita Delicatessen


Lima, Peru

La Tomasita Delicatessen isn’t just a bakery; it’s a slice of home 🍰, right in the heart of Lima, offering up joy with a touch of nostalgia that make you travel back to your childhood with those baked at home desserts and family owned bakeries.

The brand’s aesthetic signature was Art deco inspired: an era of geometric shapes, tiles and symmetric designs, but with a modern twist. The main logo was inspired by hand-painted signage where the details, strokes and shadows create a unique and eye catching human touch to any facade. The color palette we chose for the box is elegant, but joyful, with shades of dark green, and an orange label design for the jars that compliments with a beautiful contrast and pop of color when put next to the boxes and the rest of the identity adding a touch of playfulness to the brand while mantaining its classy and premium look.


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