Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Louminology, established in 2022 by Leah Hollender in New York, stands out as a skincare brand that goes beyond the conventional. For Louminology, skincare is seen as an act of self-care. Its mission is clear: to empower consumers to radiate light from within themselves with clinically proven products backed by rigorous scientific research.

The brand offers skincare solutions that accentuate the inherent natural beauty of each individual through products that are both natural and effective, as well as luxurious and sustainable. The formulation of their products is based on high-quality Swiss ingredients, ethically sourced and supported by science, providing immediate results and long-term protection against everyday skin concerns, with a focus on brightening, anti-inflammation, and aging prevention.

The concept behind the name and products of Louminology is based on the science of each person’s internal light and how the brand helps the consumer highlight it. With this in mind, our approach to the brand had a strong focus on soft light with colors and features leaning towards the feminine, working within a range of purples to differentiate the products.

The logo is a custom serif-based typography that uses links and italic characters to play with the rhythm of the word in a fluid manner. Alongside this, we created an oval monogram that serves as the brand’s seal in more formal applications.

The fonts used include an expanded serif and a geogrotesque that create a contrast between the feminine and scientific, allowing clarity of reading and hierarchy without sacrificing personality. Although the typography on packaging applications is moderately sized, digital and editorial elements use display sizes to create dynamism in compositions.


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Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Art Direction: Lane Cope, Sofía Vargas
Design: Lane Cope, Laura Mariaud, Daniel Sánchez, Alice Muzellec, Diego Rocha.
Creative Direction: Lane Cope
Photography: Ale Melo
Leah Hollender