Mời Xuân is a special gift set containing 3 types of traditional jams to prepare for the Vietnamese Lunar New Year. Mời Xuân means inviting Spring to come to us or it can also be understood that the word Spring means us. When combined with the packaging, it means “Mời Xuân” to eat Coconut, Ginger, Grapefruit jam… To express the rich flavor characteristics of each type of jam, the packaging uses a bright color combination to reflects the special flavor of the jam.

During the first ideation phase, we studied jam-type shapes, turning them into geometric and minimalist illustrations. This design decision along with the art paper material brings a luxurious look to the packaging, while also raising it to a modern level and accessible to viewers.

Ginger jam is an indispensable dish in the Tet jam tray. Ginger jam means wishing for a warm and happy new year for every family. A little sweetness covers the warm spicy taste of ginger, bringing a sense of enjoyment to the enjoyer. Besides, ginger jam also has the effect of detoxifying, warming the body and stimulating digestion for those who eat irregularly during Tet.

The image of ”sky” can express the faith, poetic hopes, and desires of each person when Spring comes and is also the image of the sky of many people. Childhood sky refers to the space and private world of children. It is a world of dreams, wishes, ambitions. The vast, vast sky symbolizes the pure, hopeful soul of a child. Childhood is the most carefree and natural time for each person. I’m alive in the present, not forced by the past or worried about the future. Each of us, when returning home to celebrate Tet, will turn into carefree children and be immersed in the fun games of Tet. Therefore, the image of the childhood sky is a place to cherish and nurture children’s dreams and ambitions.

Grapefruit jam also brings a new flavor to round out Tet. The strong aroma and spicy taste of grapefruit peel contribute to creating warmth and togetherness for the first day of the year. Along with that, the sweetness coming from the layer of sugar on the outside of the peel partly reduces the spiciness, partly increases the flavor and connection of family members on Tet.

Coconut jam has long been chosen by families during the Lunar New Year, and is an indispensable traditional dish in the Tet jam tray. The jam is made from thinly shredded coconut meat and white sugar. The finished product has a naturally sweet and fragrant taste and the characteristic fatty taste of coconut flesh. Coconut jam is not only delicious and sweet but also brings the meaning of togetherness, reunion, and happiness for both family and friends in the new year.


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