Calling all dessert fans! In today’s Curator’s Insight, we will take a look at NORM’s “Moment of Glow” packaging designed by MADE&CO. Forget boring boxes, this one’s got charm.

Simple & Savory: MADE&CO believes in returning to the essence, reflected in the playful “ugly sweater” (more like adorable!) motif. It’s fancy without being fussy, celebrating everyday joy.

Stacking Up the Good Stuff: The stacked financiers are genius! They represent the “moment of glow” you get with each bite, while showcasing NORM’s flavor variety. Clean lines and minimal text keep it elegant, letting the treats shine.

Beyond the Box: This packaging is an experience! The sweater motif creates warmth and togetherness, perfect for sharing. And that peek of “moment of glow”? It’s an invitation to savor the sweetness.

My Take: This design blends tradition with whimsy, playful yet sophisticated. The stacking creates a dynamic composition that’s both eye-catching and perfect for sharing the glow moment.

Remember: Visuals tell a deeper story. What colors and textures are used? How does light play on the packaging? Seeing these details would truly elevate the understanding.

In short, NORM’s “Moment of Glow” packaging is a delicious treat for design lovers and dessert enthusiasts alike. It’s a reminder that simple ideas can create memorable experiences.

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