Paquita Torrez is that endearing neighbor on the third floor of your neighborhood who used to tell you when you were little: “Every day you’re getting taller.” In every block of neighbors, there’s a “Paquita”, a unique figure loved by all.

Paquita’s amiable personality radiates warmth in every direction. Her classic pastimes include knitting and long sessions in front of the television.

In Spanish neighborhoods, Paquita Torrez becomes an icon as deeply rooted as the classic tapa of torrezno in the corner bar.

And since torrezno is a Spanish classic deserving of tribute, Lapaca revolutionized the way to enjoy it by merging it with chocolate. And who better than Paquita Torrez, a classic woman with a salty yet sweet touch, to be the face of this product that leaves no one indifferent.


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Illustrator: Paola Coiduras Piedrafita
Designer: Paola Coiduras Piedrafita
Photographer: Fiero Studio
Creative Director : Eric Novo García