Tan Tan – New Year Gift Box 2024

Uyen Nguyen


Tân Tân – ‘Chia ngọt sẻ bùi” New Year Gift Box” is my final packaging design project, aiming to promote Tân Tân’s sweet/savory peanut line, well-known among Vietnamese consumers. With a personal connection to Tân Tân, my design is inspired by the brand’s sincere nature, creating a memorable 2024 Tet gift experience for recipients, fostering a connection not just with the product but with the essence of Tân Tân itself.​​​​​​​


During my in-depth research on Tân Tân and their position in traditional Vietnamese Tet celebrations, I discovered an insightful observation:
“Many people hesitate to buy peanuts for Tet due to concerns about the lack of meaningfulness, and the fear that it may not convey enough affection towards the recipient.”
But is this perception accurate? Does it truly hinder them from choosing Tân Tân’s gift boxes for Tet? Or maybe, do they forget that:
“People value sharing/connecting/conversation while casually enjoying peanuts during Tet, bringing a sense of togetherness – the spirit of the new year.”

Message + Visualization

“Chia ngọt sẻ bùi” or “Share Sweetness, Spread Joy” is a timeless Vietnamese proverb emphasizing unity, sharing, and connection in moments of both challenge and celebration. This message inspired the design of a Tet gift set, comprising 6 individual boxes. Drawing from the Tet jam box image, each box reflects the peanut flavor with simple illustrations of hands conveying the act of sharing. Carefully chosen elements, layouts, and illustrations create a seamless storytelling experience about “Chia Ngọt Sẻ Bùi” during Tet. Enjoying peanuts becomes not only a personal delight but an opportunity to connect with others in meaningful conversations. Additionally, an alternative set of 3 boxes offers a more affordable option for users.


Designer  Uyen Nguyen
Mentor   Uyen Dong

Thank you!