Athens, Greece

Join the revolution!

Year by year, people become increasingly more sensitive toward environmental issues. From pollution and climate change to consuming less plastic and finding energy-saving solutions, you name it! Everything “green” is hotter than ever -as it should be! People change their lifestyles for a better tomorrow to help the planet remain solid and healthy for all of us and the generations to come!

Consumers -especially Gen Zers and Millennials- demand more and more from brands and companies regarding their environmental policies, social impact, and carbon waste footprint reduction. And they clearly reward those who lead the way on these issues. This whole wave across the world has a phenomenon of a green revolution, celebrating humanity and care towards the planet and life!

At the end of 2021, White Leaf, a hygiene papers brand we built from scratch in 2016, assigned us to design their new product’s concept and visual identity. Aligned with the social cues, White Leaf created a new product with a crystal clear claim: The packaging is certified as 100% plastic-free. The brand aimed to reinforce its green profile and attract consumers by providing a more sustainable and ethical solution in this category. Also, the brand entered more sophisticated retail chains with this launch. Finally, after many obstacles, White Leaf Fysis made it to the market in the year 2023.

We named this sub-brand: “Fysis,” which means nature in Greek (φύσις), to signify the trait of this product clearly. The design concept derives from the visual systems of the social movements, banner drops, and handmade slogans on the walls made by revolutionary teams. Besides the logotype and some typography used across product lines, all the info was drawn by hand like a DIY banner. This way, we tried to use the packaging as a protest tool to convey a positive message: an open call for the people to join the good cause! Creating a “think-green revolution” kind of thing.

The typography is bold yet playful and friendly, and combined with the black-green color palette, helps the product be impactful and eye-catching on the shelves. The craft paper material helps the eco look & feel of the packaging.

Launch: 2023

Kostas Kaparos
Dimitra Makraki
Yorgos Garefalakis
Konstantinos Gikas


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