YOUMEE Lunar New Year Gift Box Design


YOUMEE Lunar New Year Gift Box Design

Packaging Design

YOUMEE, the renowned local noodle brand in Malaysia, is celebrated for its 100% natural air-dried noodles meticulously crafted from premium unbleached ingredients. To further promote the name and idea of YOUMEE, Epikinono Studio worked with YOUMEE on the campaign idea of their Dragon Year 2024 gift box design, which also aimed to show appreciation to local customers during the Lunar New Year celebration.

“有你” (With You) is a homophone of the brand name ‘YOUMEE’, and the full tagline”有米有你” (YOUMEE With You) conveys the heartfelt message of “Glad to have you with me all year round”. This initiative not only expresses appreciation to customers through the title, but also offers people a delightful and healthy experience synonymous with the YOUMEE brand.

Client   |   YOUMEE Malaysia
Project    |    Campaign Idea & Packaging Design


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