10 Animal-Themed Packaging Designs

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Derrick Lin


The 10 packaging designs that we’ve chosen perfectly illustrate how animals on packaging can be a powerful way to grab attention on a crowded shelf. From the playful squirrels on the nut packaging to the regal birds on the beer labels, each design leverages the power of animals to create a memorable and impactful visual experience for consumers. Animals can be a powerful tool in creating eye-catching and memorable packaging designs. Here are some key takeaways from the 10 examples we explored:

  • Emotional Connection: Animals can evoke positive emotions and create a sense of connection with consumers. Playful characters like squirrels and mischievous cats can add a touch of fun, while majestic creatures like lions and falcons can convey a sense of strength and sophistication.

  • Brand Storytelling: Animals can be used to tell a brand story or embody brand values. For instance, the “Yogi Cat” design uses cats in yoga poses to target health-conscious cat owners, while the “Future” brand leverages monkeys to create a playful and energetic image.

  • Product Differentiation: Animals can be used to visually represent different product variations or flavors. The “OOPS!” treats use different animal expressions to distinguish between cat and dog formulas, while the “BrewBeak” series employs various bird species to reflect unique beer styles.

  • Cultural Relevance: Animals can be chosen to resonate with specific cultures or markets. The “OOPS!” design incorporates a mischievous character that taps into the resourcefulness of pets, while the “Future” brand leverages the connection between Da Vinci and the European market.

  • Visual Metaphor: Animals can be used to create visual metaphors that enhance brand messaging. The “Bluèro” coffee design uses a falcon to symbolize the courage of the Ukrainian people, while the “NEKO COFFEE” takeaway latte features a cat tail-shaped straw to connect the act of drinking with feline interaction.

  • Minimalism vs. Detail: Animal designs can be integrated into packaging in a variety of ways. Some approaches, like “Yogi Cat” and “BrewBeak,” employ a minimalist style with a focus on the animal illustration. Others, like “NEKO COFFEE” and “AMSTREL,” incorporate more detailed elements to create a richer visual experience.

By strategically using animals in packaging design, brands can create a more engaging and memorable product experience for consumers.

What to eat designed by BXL PACKAGING DESIGN

Ditch the boring box! This playful design for “What to Eat?” food packaging uses fierce beasts – leopards, tigers, and lions – reimagined with a humorous twist. Their mighty expressions are transformed into comical fun, cleverly tied to the box’s opening mechanism.

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Avgoulakia designed by A.S. Antonia Skaraki

These charming chickens add a personal touch, subtly implying the high quality and homemade feel of the product. Bright pops of color inject a fun twist, making the packaging stand out.

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omgsogd omgsogd

HRUM-HRUM designed by Constantin Bolimond

Imagine a playful twist on your healthy snack routine: packaging shaped like a squirrel head, its cheeks bulging with a bounty of delicious nuts! This eye-catching design isn’t just adorable, it’s incredibly functional.

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OOPS! designed by UPRISE

Imagine that suspicious rustling sound in the kitchen. You flip on the light and… OOPS! There they are, caught red-handed! The packaging features adorable illustrations of pets with a classic “busted” expression – yes, they got caught again! Each SKU boasts unique graphics reflecting the personality and taste preferences of both cats and dogs.

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Future Energy Drink designed by Studio Metis

The initial brainstorming explored playful monkey characters – angry, happy, and everything in between. Inspired by Future’s connection to Leonardo Da Vinci, we seamlessly blended these monkeys with a nod to Da Vinci’s iconic artwork.

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Neko Coffee designed by Mapko

The straw itself transforms into an extension of the cat’s tail. This playful metaphor connects the act of sipping coffee with the graceful movement of a cat’s tail, creating a unique and memorable experience for the customer.

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Bluero Coffee designed by Thisis Peas

Bluèro isn’t just a coffee brand; it’s a tribute. Inspired by the youngest falcon in a legendary blue falcon family renowned for their unwavering fight for freedom, Bluèro embodies the spirit of Ukraine.

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Yogi Cat Wet Food For Cats designed by Tima Intruder

The packaging embraces a minimalist aesthetic, reflecting the serenity of yoga practice. This allows the focus to be on the playful illustration of a cat performing a yoga pose.

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Amstrel – Shampoo For Pets designed by Akim Melnik Design Studio

AMSTREL pet shampoos have undergone a design refresh, and the star of the show is artificial intelligence! Using cutting-edge neural networks, the project features realistic images of dogs and cats sporting luxurious bathrobes. This playful twist adds a touch of whimsy and memorability.

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BrewBeak Beer designed by Berik Yergaliyev

Each design element reflects the character of a specific beer variety. Anthropomorphic birds in tuxedos grace the packaging, symbolizing the sophistication and premium quality of BrewBeak beers. These feathered ambassadors instantly elevate the brand’s perception and target beer connoisseurs seeking a distinctive experience.

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