Coffee Beans “Heavenly Flavor”


Coffee Packaging “Heavenly Flavor”

Welcome to a heavenly experience in every cup! Introducing the revolutionary “Sabor Celestial” Coffee packaging, designed to elevate your coffee enjoyment to new heights. This resealable bag not only preserves the freshness of our premium bean coffee, but also captivates with its unique and distinctive aesthetic.

When you look at the packaging, you immerse yourself in a world of blue-green tones that evoke the serenity and freshness of the fields where our coffee is grown. The bag is adorned with an innovative image: a greenish-blue bed that provides a refreshing and different feeling than usual. This bed highlights whole bean coffee, presenting it in a totally new and captivating way.

In the center of the packaging, our reinvented logo stands out. A plant rises majestically, made up of small coffee beans that seem to dance in perfect harmony. These beans are not only the essence of our brand, but they also form the letter “B” in the phrase “Heavenly Flavor,” symbolizing the quality and dedication we put into every cup we make.

At the top and bottom of the bag, the silhouette of the plant made with coffee beans unfolds, creating a fading effect that goes from 100% to 50%. This artistic technique adds depth and mystery to the design, inviting you to discover more about the origin and story behind our heavenly coffee,  the idea of an experience that rises to the heavenly and integrates with the earth from which the coffee comes.

Each image is a graphic representation.