Yura Po


HERO Ginger beer

Non-alcoholic ginger beer is the choice for those who appreciate healthy beverages and understand their power. Inspired by the imagery of superheroes.

The visual identity features a star as a symbol of heroism. The dark color, reminiscent of the costumes worn by heroes who venture out into the night, serves as the foundation for the product concept and brand communication. Each of us possesses our own superpowers, waiting to be unleashed! ​​​​​​​

The development of brand communication is based on endowing the product with superpowers. The bottle, resembling a hero, can attract metal or levitate above surfaces. Consumers who exhibit their unique super abilities engage in an imaginative game that fosters creativity and inspiration.

Metal, stones, and worn textures – all of these reflect the character of a hero who has experienced various situations, leaving their mark.

Client: Hero Bia
Design: Yura Po
IG: @yurapo.design

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