Hickson House Distilling Hand Rendered by Steven Noble

Steven Noble Illustrations

San Francisco, CA, USA

Bold, Inc. along with the team at the Barrelhouse Group approached Steven Noble to illustrate their newly designed labels to help with their brand identity along with their packaging.

The task at hand was to hand-illustrate the main building, surrounding filigree, and ingredients in a line/woodcut style.

Hickson House Distilling Co. which is situated at 6 Hickson Road, The Rocks, in the heritage-listed Metcalfe Bond Stores was built between 1912-1916.

A classic 1920s aesthetic is met with a twist of rustic Australia to transport visitors to the era in which Hickson House’s building was raised while maintaining a link to the origins of our ingredients.

With colour palettes derived from the rich Australian landscape, the style and execution are intentionally timeless classics.