Espírito Santo do Pinhal, SP, 13990-000, Brasil


The agency Catenacom developed this packaging for the coffees produced by women growers in the regions served by Falcafé Coffee Trading, Export, and Import company. This packaging, created to commercialize green coffee for export, transcends its function of storing coffee beans, becoming a visual narrative that carries with it the history, values, and dedication behind each cup of coffee. Throughout the entire process, from cultivation to consumption, this packaging not only seeks to promote coffee but also to convey a message of sustainability, inclusion, and respect for the environment from the perspective of women in Brazilian agribusiness, who are leaders of their families and entrepreneurs at the forefront of their family coffee farming.

The packaging emerged along with the proposal to create a category in an existing quality contest in the Minas Gerais region. This new category aims to showcase female empowerment and highlight prizing women in the chain. The grand winner had her batch marketed above-average values, announced during a major award ceremony to congratulate the champion.

Besides their essential contribution to coffee production, women have played a crucial role in Brazilian agribusiness, leading their families’ businesses and being true entrepreneurs at the forefront of coffee plantations. As the quality of coffee produced by women gains admirers and appreciation, markets around the world recognize their dedication and expertise.

Environmental Benefit and its relevance in the product-packaging-distribution-storage-preparation-consumption-post-consumption system:

Catenacom agency had environmental concern in mind when conceiving the packaging. Using sustainable materials and adopting eco-conscious practices at every stage of the product’s life cycle by Klabin with FSC certification, it seeks to minimize its impact on the environment. By promoting transparency about the coffee’s origin, it highlights prizing sustainability on the producing farms.

Social Benefit and its relevance:

It values the work of women coffee growers, offering them visibility and recognition within the coffee production chain. The packaging not only presents the coffees but also tells the stories of the producers, promoting gender equality and strengthening female empowerment.

Challenges Faced and Innovation: The packaging faces the challenge of highlighting the quality of coffees produced by women in a market mostly dominated by men. The innovation lies in integrating visual and narrative elements to convey not only the coffee’s flavor but also the essence and dedication of the producers.

Post-Consumption Destination (reuse, recycling, clear separation):

Designed to facilitate recycling or reuse, the packaging encourages consumers to make conscious choices after consuming the product. Explicit instructions are provided to ensure proper disposal of the packaging, contributing to a more sustainable life cycle.

Packaging Efficiency, Materials, Distribution, and/or Production:

The packaging is efficient in terms of materials, optimizing resource use and minimizing waste. The company carefully plans the production and distribution to reduce environmental impact and ensure the intact arrival of the product to consumers.

Product Use Maximization: Besides protecting the coffee, the packaging maximizes its usefulness by conveying detailed information about its origin, characteristics, and preparation methods. This allows consumers to fully enjoy the sensory experience provided by each cup, valuing the product in its entirety.

Consumer Communication/Guidance:

The packaging serves as a communication channel between producers and consumers (cafés and international importers), providing clear and relevant information to help consumers make informed choices. Guidance on storage and proper coffee preparation ensures a satisfactory and valued consumption experience.

In this context, the packaging is not just protection for the coffee but a powerful tool for storytelling, promoting values, and inspiring a deeper connection between consumers and producers.


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