ScenCraft is a handmade scented candle created especially for lovers of fantasy literature, these candles seek to recreate the aromas described in fantasy books such as Christmas in Harry Potter that smells like almonds, pumpkin pie and Christmas fir.

The name “ScentCraft” is formed by the combination of two words: “Scent”, which means aroma, and “Craft”, which refers to the ability to create something.

In addition to conveying the feeling of being handmade with the name, the brand image reflects the inspiration of the product, since it is focused on reproducing and recreating the different aromas mentioned in some fantasy books such as: Harry Potter, Wings of Iron , Percy Jackson, Narnia, Shadowhunters, among others.

Our goal is to recreate the magnificent and fantastic environments that are told in the pages of the books, these candles are perfect for those who like to transport themselves to their favorite fantastic worlds.

Its container is made of amber glass, perfect for any space, the label is designed in a simple way with the aim of not attracting too much attention, since being aromatic candles the aim is to highlight the product more than the label, at the same time. At the same time, it is an element that can be seen as decorative, so we sought to create a simple packaging image so as not to clash with a variety of environments. As a last detail, it has a delicate engraving on the back and has an informative label on the base to Do not dirty the view of the product.