In 2016, in a small space at the back of a backyard, Tocca was born, living up to its origin through its name and carrying a tremendous desire to venture forth from two individuals passionate about nuts. The company grew, developing rapidly, and Tocca was no longer a refuge for just two but for thousands who identified with the tribe’s proposition.

In early 2023, Artefato received the challenge to redesign the brand for the new moment it found itself in. In a short immersion, we realized that the verb “tocar” (to touch in Portuguese) was quite present – even unconsciously – in the vocabulary of its creators: “Toca pra lá, vai lá e toca, fazemos tudo com toque, somos toque e abraço” (Move over there, go there and touch, we do everything with touch, we like to touch and embrace). And there was the substrate that would lead us to a new perspective, to a new way of looking at how the company “touches” people around it. The packaging materialized this positioning change, now presenting a bold and striking aesthetic with illustration work depicting hands as the main iconic element, emphasizing the representation of touch, in addition to an unexpected and unprecedented color mix in the sector.

Because of the lack of transparency in the in-mold label packaging format, the illustrations on the lids meticulously simulate the texture of peanut butters and their ingredients, addressing the challenge of effectively stimulating appetite. This approach not only differentiates the various SKUs through color and texture gradation but also highlights the packaging from any viewing angle.

The meticulous care in the design of the packaging extends to subtle details, such as the circular construction of the illustrations, ensuring that the images fit perfectly within the printing union closure. Additionally, we reorganized the hierarchy of the product description lettering, emphasizing distinctive flavors such as crunchy peanut, white chocolate, and cookies and cream. This modification responds to the need to facilitate consumer choice, improving product differentiation and attraction.