FANCY BOX Washing Powder Packaging


Fancy Box company was determined to present a unique packaging design for its powders that had a different structure and stood out in the market.

Initially, various materials such as cardboard, cellophane, etc. were examined. After selecting the packaging material and in collaboration with the client, work began on the packaging structure. We created various sketches and different mock-ups until we finalized a design resembling an equilateral triangle. Choosing this shape was based on various reasons such as easier transportation, less hassle in packaging and production line, durability, differentiation from competitors, and more.

Selecting different colors and a unique structure from competitors required a lot of boldness. Because when choosing different colors, you will experience different risks.

Throughout the design stages, the feedback from the audience mainly focused on the shape and blue color. The fear of the audience mistaking the product for cheese was a concern! At first glance, it may seem true, but in a store, is laundry powder kept in the fridge? Definitely not. So the audience sees the product on the shelf among other laundry powder packaging, or on online websites categorized among laundry detergents. Therefore, they would never think it’s cheese or any other product. In fact, this differentiation helps the product stand out better on the shelves.

We strive to distance ourselves from all stereotypes as much as it doesn’t harm sales and brand identity, in order to create differentiation and drive the growth of our customers’ businesses and our own.

We hope to showcase your design on our website to our other audiences soon.