KookSoonDang’s REA 2013 BORN / Korea Premium Distilled Soju

sunggu hwang

Project: KookSoonDang’s REA 2013 BORN / Premium Distilled Soju_국순당 려 2013 본 Year: 2024(4개월 소요 / 4 Months)본인 참여도(Participation) : (Branding Design / Package Design / Official Promotion Design) 100 %/ (Horse Illustration: Root 57)

Born from Legacy: REA’s story begins with Yeoju Distillery’s first unadulterated solution, the very foundation upon which the 10-year-old distillery was built. This precious liquid patiently matured for a decade, transforming into a spirit boasting captivating flavors.

REA 2013 BORN: This design celebrates its heritage. It embodies the harmonious fusion of modern sensibilities with time-honored traditions. REA reinterprets the past for a contemporary audience.

Inspired by Korean Craftsmanship: The design draws inspiration from the exquisite artistry of Korean mother-of-pearl lacquerware. Delicate mother-of-pearl lettering adorns the bottle, a subtle nod to this revered tradition.

A Commitment to Quality: REA, or Guksundang Yeoju Myeongju, reflects the distillery’s unwavering commitment to crafting soju using traditional methods and premium ingredients. This spirit embodies the essence of Korean soju heritage.

A Brand with a Story: The design isn’t merely aesthetic; it’s a narrative. Every element conveys the brand’s philosophy. The very term “BI design” carries significant meaning – a design crafted for clear communication.

Connecting Through Time: The design elements, brought together within a ten-year timeframe, symbolize the bridging of time and space. Lines intertwine, representing this connection.

The Signature Speaks: Even the stark elegance of a black and white package box allows the signature logo to shine through. These signature words become a complete form when two sections connect, mirroring the concept of uniting time and space. The final design expresses a sense of formal beauty that arises from perfect unity.