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Киев, Украина, 02000

The company “Rozhnyat Torf” is engaged in the extraction of peat, which is a valuable resource in various industries.

We have never before been involved in creating an identity for such a business. However, instead of seeing this as a challenge, we saw it as an opportunity to explore new opportunities. This is where our experiments began. Putting ourselves in the place of consumers, we independently answered the question “what should it look like”.

Who are gnomes and how did they appear?

We explored numerous options for a potential logo, from more conservative to unconventional ideas filled with meaning relevant to the industry. Therefore, our final creative decision was to create a brand hero — a Dwarf.

Why the Dwarf?

We’ve shattered the conventional wisdom that ‘serious and heavy’ industries can’t have cool and unique identities, giving this product a bright and punchy image that’s sure to stand out from its competition. After all, every “harvest”, regardless of its nature or industry, deserves a stylish visualization.

Identification colors

We chose green as the main color for the identity, because it perfectly emphasizes naturalness. The additional color is red-brown, visually reminiscent of a natural resource — peat.

Identification template

We used the topographical lines of maps that resemble the topography of the earth as the basis of the drawing. And again, a direct mention of the brand’s product — peat.


We believe that any business can be interesting, regardless of its identity – a peat mining company or a luxury clothing brand. The main thing is to look at it through the eyes of a consumer who is looking for innovative, intriguing and bright solutions, as in our case, in the formation of a brand.

What is the connection with the chameleon?

The chameleon is an allegorical representation of our activities. Following the philosophy of the consumer, we literally take on his role, fully understanding all his real ideas that help us make any product of our customers successful.

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Brain Tank

Киев, Украина, 02000
Creative Director: Andrii Franchuk
Project Manager: Yulia Yasmo
Copywriter : Yulia Chernysheva
Copywriter : Ilya Bozhko
Head of design: Serhiy Maksimenko
Rozhnyativ Torf