H.H.S. Mid-Autumn Mooncake Packaging Design

Zilun Tay


The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese holiday.  It is a time for Hou Yi to commemorate his wife- Chang’e,  also embodies the spirit of reunion and family gathering.  On this day, people who are away from home travel back to reunite with their families.  They eat mooncakes, chat, carry lanterns, and enjoy the beauty of the full moon together.  For the Chinese, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a festival  rich in significance.

For this mooncake packaging design, we want to convey the message of the wish of Chang’e during the Mid-Autumn Festival.  She has always hoped for the day, the moment, when she could return to the earth and be by Hou Yi’s side.  Although this wish cannot be fulfilled,  she might hope that you and I can cherish the present & value our reunions.

Reunion – Chang’e’s wish

So, on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month,  she sends her companion, the Jade Rabbit,  to descend to the human world & deliver Blessings of Reunion.