“kombu” presents a new way of perceiving alcohol consumption, combining the beneficial properties of kombucha with moderate sugar content and high-quality ingredients, having undergone a 120-day fermentation process.

The essence of the project was to create a unique brand image that would emphasize the little-known benefits of the product, making it an integral part of everyday life. Inspired by Jamaican musician Bob Marley and his flamboyant style, the packaging design used rich colors symbolizing music, health and energy.

The kombucha culture, which originated in the East, served as the basis for the creation of a new brand logo inspired by mandalas – symbols of balance and harmony between various aspects of life. The packaging design pays attention to the combination of colors with the characteristics of the drink, reflecting lightness and balance inside and out.

The packaging also informs about the physical and emotional benefits of each flavor, helping consumers choose the right kombucha for each moment of the day. Thus, each sip becomes an opportunity to enjoy a healthy and refreshing drink that supports positive feelings in various situations.