Mottura Vini del Salento — I CLASSICI


The elegance and iconic nature of the Mottura winery building is reinterpreted with a rational approach, enhancing its elements with targeted enhancements.  The villa has always characterized all Mottura labels, in various graphic/stylistic interpretations, making the architectural element a strong symbol of recognition for the company. The objective was to renew and refresh the Classics line in particular, a line intended for the horeca sector, to give it a more important image and thus increase the positioning of the product. Just like the illustration, the typographical characters used also refer to classical stylistic features and everything gives the wine an aura of significant historicity. We rebuilt the facade with geometric, modern and decisive lines, making its dimensions more significant. It was decided to integrate the facade of the villa and the name I CALSSICI as if it were a single construction element. In the upper part, the windows now give shine and bring the viewer’s attention to the central part of the label.

The light emerges from the villa, pushing outwards; its qualities overflow and reveal themselves with sober elegance.

The white of the facade also makes the Mottura logo and the varietal stand out, placed respectively in the upper and lower part of the label, while the company pay-off “The wines of Salento” has been inserted on the side, again in gold foil.