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100000 Караганда, Казахстан


For our agency, developing our own brand for a wide chain of supermarkets was an exciting project, since our team members are active visitors to such stores. We were faced with the challenge of creating a concept that would clearly highlight the high quality of the brand’s products and at the same time help consumers make easy and informed decisions when choosing everyday products.


Product packaging design is an important element of a brand’s visual identity, reflecting its core values and qualities. In the case of this brand, the emphasis in packaging design is on expressing the usefulness and taste of the products offered. This is achieved through attention to detail in the logo, where the association is visualized with the attractive and appetizing food that can be prepared from these products.

The use of illustrations of specific products on each package enhances the impression of naturalness and freshness of the product. This creates the feeling that the products are fresh from the garden.

The choice of bright red color as the main accent color on the packaging is due not only to the desire to highlight the products on supermarket shelves, but also to create an association with the corporate style of the store chain itself. This design allows the brand to differentiate itself from competitors and attract the attention of customers even in the face of strong competition in shelf space.


Most of the updated design products are already available on the shelves of supermarkets from our network. In addition, there are plans to significantly increase the variety of private label products.


bmd group

100000 Караганда, Казахстан
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