Victoria Nuts is a leader in Bulgaria in the production of nuts and dried fruits. Our clients ordered the development of a series of packaging for nuts and dried fruits. The redesign was necessary due to the aging of the packaging, which did not reflect the qualities of the product.

In the new design of the ROIS brand, the craft texture occupies a large area in the packaging. She creates an association for the naturalness and natural taste of the product. The packaging design is divided by a dynamic line into two parts. At the top, on a paper with a calm kraft hue, is painted a warm composition of fruits and nuts in a state in which they are in nature itself – on the branches of a tree or plant. Original illustrations painted in watercolor technique were used. The second, larger part of the package is occupied by retouched photo-images of the products themselves. The nuts are quite large and well visible on the shelf even from a distance. The fonts are made in a free-hand style.