Supershake Athletic Kids Protein Packaging Designs



Welcome to the vibrant world of “Supershake” – the ultimate protein shake designed exclusively for Superkids, the champions of play and sport! Our label design encapsulates the essence of fun, nutrition, and boundless energy tailored for kids who are always on the move. Get ready to dive into a world where cute animals become playful sports enthusiasts on our cool, funny, and colorful labels.

Design Concept:

Playful Animal Characters:

Meet our adorable cast of characters! Each flavor features a lovable animal engaging in a specific sport:
Chocolate: A spirited monkey showcasing basketball skills.
Orange: A dynamic tiger confidently playing karate.
Strawberry: A bouncy panda conquering weight lifts.

Colorful Palette:

Immerse yourself in a palette bursting with energy and excitement.
Chocolate: Rich brown hues.
Orange: Zesty and bright orange shades.
Strawberry: Playful red tones.

Cool and Funny Elements:

We’ve infused a dose of humor into every label, ensuring a smile with every sip.
Expect witty details that resonate with the whimsical spirit of childhood.