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100000 Караганда, Казахстан


The Zheti Lak farm specializes in the production of high-quality goat dairy products. Only the best raw materials are used to produce the entire line of products, including milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream and cheeses. Milk produced by goats of the Anglo-Nubian, Alpine and Lamancha breeds has a pleasant aroma and delicate creamy taste, which makes Zheti Lak products especially attractive to consumers who value naturalness and quality.


In the packaging design, our goal was to convey the core principles and beliefs of farm owners, for whom care and affection for their goats is of paramount importance. The central characters in the illustrations, which serve as the basis for the design, are a family of goats with their everyday worries and joys. The illustrations from package to package tell stories about life on this cozy farm. The developed logo also reflects family values, traditions and love and conveys to consumers confidence in the environmental friendliness of the products.


The updated design was warmly received by consumers, which is confirmed by an increase in demand for the product.