Asaya: revolutionary skincare for melanin-rich skin


Asaya, a revolutionary skincare brand for melanin-rich skin, celebrating beauty beyond the surface. 

A platform where women can explore their rich identities and not just obsess about acne & skin concerns. A world of kindness & passion at the centre of it. Where the markers of beauty come from a mind outward imagination, and intellectual qualities are an intrinsic part of beauty.

The packaging makes bold use of impactful imagery that sets Asaya apart. The images tell Asaya’s story and resonate deeply with consumers. The colours

Skincare design has been defined by either ingredients, benefits or obvious category nomenclature like sun / hydration but Asaya stands apart with it’s larger than skin nomenclature & packaging system that celebrates mutlitudes of onself like “under one sun” for the suncare range. The colours are a nod to warm, vivid, rich, colourful Indian roots. Also inspired by the beauty of jewels which are all unique, irregular & organic. The jewel tones balance the black and white imagery to form an expressive world thst one can hold in hands.