Wessam Hussien

Riyadh Saudi Arabia

The naming behind the brand “CH.8” (Coffee House 8) represents that pivotal moment for many – 8 AM, the time when a perfect cup of coffee ignites your potential. CH.8 aspires to be your launchpad, a friendly neighborhood haven where every morning ritual feels special. At CH.8, they source the freshest, ethically sourced beans from around the world. This dedication to quality extends from their in-house roasting and brewing processes (ensuring an unparalleled coffee experience that elevates your senses and fuels your day) to freshly baked pastries.

Stepping into CH.8 is like stepping into a modern yet inviting living room. The logo, a simple and clean monogram featuring “CH.8,” sets the tone for a straightforward and approachable atmosphere.

Since he (The owner) was just a 10-years kid, he has always dreamed about opening his own coffee house. When he grew up and started the business, he wanted the mascot (main character), to reflect this period of his life, so the mascot (main character) illustrations are a youthful figure enjoying coffee House delights, adding a touch of whimsy and reflecting the joy that CH.8 brings to your day.

The color palette consists of the calming blue you’ll find in the branding materials and design elements creating a sense of relaxation, while the crisp white provides a sense of cleanliness and openness. As for the space itself, warm textures like wood, granite, and black accents come together to create a space that’s both inviting and sophisticated.