Emporium extra virgin olive oil

al margen

Regere Emporium is an olive oil brand concept that visually communicates the heritage and influence that Rome contributed to our olive culture and specifically to Puente Genil, one of the great oil producing centers in Hispania.

Puente Genil is considered one of the best olive oil producing areas. This is witnessed by the National Association of Olive Growers of Spain, in its General Assembly of 1935. Where it was ruled that: “the olive oil from Puente Genil must bear the title of “Optimi Olei Emporium”. Legend that, since then, appears in the heraldic shield of the city.

Based on this concept, we have created an illustration of an ancient Roman ship. The image is protected by ancient Roman culture, reinterpreted in a contemporary style.

The ship is the central motif of the design, decorating the bottles and cases. A design where the lines of the waves of the sea and the clouds of the sky surround the bottles.


al margen

Art Director: Matteo Manini
Creative Director: José Maria Martinez
Agricola Albamonte