JDO elevates clean beauty standards with Dove Vitamin Care+


Wellness and clean beauty are more than just trends; they are movements that have transformed the personal care category, giving rise to new expectations for products to use clean ingredients, promote holistic health, and adopt a mindful approach to self-care. As the world’s leading personal care brand, Dove is dedicated to standing at the forefront of these movements, especially in the deodorants category.

To answer to these evolving needs, the brand has developed Dove VitaminCare+, a new premium range of aluminium-free deodorants naturally packed with a daily dose of essential vitamins to boost protection and skin health.

The design of the new range, led by international design agency JDO, effortlessly combines wellness benefits, the goodness of natural ingredients and ‘clean beauty’ elegance to attract the curious crowd of beauty enthusiasts concerned about their health, ingredients, and impact of products they use on their skin.

“Consumers these days are well-versed in how our physical and mental well-being are connected. The new Dove VitaminCare+ deodorant range steps up to this expectation by delivering vitamin-enhanced protection and skincare for healthier feeling underarms,” comments Justine Guicherd, Client Business Director at JDO. “Our task was to shake up the category with a truly premium design that reflects the promise of clean beauty and wellness through simple ingredients whilst also embodying the nourishing care expertise that people know, trust, and love from Dove.”

JDO’s approach relied on absolute simplicity and clarity, meticulously balancing each element to effectively communicate the wellness and clean beauty proposition of this new range. The result is an exercise in elegant essentialism that elevates Dove to new heights without compromising its approachable allure.

“Dove’s aesthetic is sacred, and the task of reimagining it for a new proposition demands craft, consideration, and confidence,” comments Ben Oates, Co-Founder and Creative Director at JDO. “Our primary focus was to vividly illustrate the enriching effects of vitamins, emphasising both potency and protection while maintaining a sense of softness and sensorial appeal. Our deliberate use of white space serves to accentuate the beautiful science that underpins the products, while pops of vibrant colour amplify the brand’s optimistic spirit. The true achievement, however, lies in liberating the bird from the wordmark. By allowing it to fly solo on the lid, the design elevates Dove into the premium space with a distinctive and iconic touch.”

JDO also created a series of key visuals and animations to support the launch. These not only highlight the joyfully simple nature of the clean ingredients but also capture the vibrant, supercharged energy that defines the VitaminCare+ range.

“Dove VitaminCare+ is set to play a key role in reasserting Dove’s position as a leader in deodorants as well as the growing wellness sector,” comments Laura Kleffer, Global Brand Director for Dove “JDO’s design skilfully encapsulates Dove’s vision of real beauty with a beautiful minimalist look that is more than skin deep. It embodies our ongoing dedication to providing premium beauty experiences that resonates with consumers looking for both effectiveness and exquisite design.”