This project is one of those rare cases when a client came to us with an idea. It had a new registered name – THORN, a stylish bottle and a photo of a famous building in Paris, along the facade of which a plant – donkey thistle – was growing. The client clearly communication with us that they wish to combine all of these ideas together for the creation of a beautiful design. We have developed several concepts, and the life of one of them is right infront of you.


The central place in the compostion is occupied by the trademark- we made it very large, since this is a new brand we are looking for quick readbility of the brand memorization The word GIN was woven into the stylized plant. While the logo is made from a font in which we added sharp elements that resemble the thorns of a thistle plant. The color of the label was brought closer to the bottle, but at the request of the client it was made brighter. the project used typographic effects and a gold stripe to drive a premium feel.

Creative & Result

We worked on producing two seperate designs, one being tailored for the bright bloodshot red bottle, alongside the clear light sky blue bottle. The main outstanding factors of this design lies in the elegant combination of colors which are in perfect synchronization with the gentle shade of pink which rests on the thistles. The cap of each bottle is also tailored to each bottle, with the silver perfectly complementing the powerful shade of red, while the gold and darker blue cap is in parallel with the light blue bottle. The “THORN” text bodly towers over the packaging, assuring that the brand maintains itself fresh in customers minds. Overall, The Thorn Gin lable is elegant, stylish and most importantly stands out. Driving a feeling of brightness and freshness. Gin is now successfully sold in various alcohol stores and online stores