Wine Packaging Design


Discover Majsko Vino, an exquisite wine brand inspired by the vibrant beauty of spring and the delicate charm of flowers. Our packaging design captures the essence of May, with floral motifs and fresh, lively colors that evoke the season’s renewal and joy. Each bottle of Majsko Vino is a celebration of nature’s elegance, inviting you to savor not just a wine, but the spirit of spring itself. Dive into our design journey and explore how we’ve blended tradition with modern aesthetics to create a truly captivating wine experience.

Our exclusive collective packaging, inspired by the renewal and joy of May, features a carefully curated selection of Bermet, Rosé, White Wine, and Red Wine. Each type of wine is presented in beautifully designed bottles adorned with floral motifs and lively colors, embodying the essence of spring. The packaging evokes the experience of opening a flower box and passing through a garden gate.

This special box features a distinctive zigzag silhouette, representing an abstract form of a bouquet. Inspired by the vibrant beauty of spring flowers, the design captures the essence of a blossoming bouquet, bringing elegance and charm to your wine experience. The packaging seamlessly blends the traditional allure of Bermet and Sparkling Wine with a contemporary, floral-inspired design.

The paper wrap was designed to resemble leaves and a bouquet, decorated with a lace-like pattern. Each bottle has a designated wrap that complements its label.

This was done as a uni project with no relation to any real company