Victor Branding Design


Designed by Victor Branding Lab, Taiwan.

細品香茗, 台灣山頭凝聚的高冷茗茶滋味 – Taiwan High Mountain Tea

In this series of six carefully selected Taiwan’s famous high-altitude mountain top tea nurtured by appealing for “Lishan, Hsi-tou, Alishan, Acacia Hill, Yu Ling, Chilaishan” between the different altitude mountain the scattered escaping different tolerance, corresponding to a “maple, bamboo, cedar, plum, pine, lily” plants, but also the representatives of the “red-bellied tit, Tau birds, millet robins, burgundy Suzaku, Taiwan Xiaoying, gold Wing browed “six kinds of forest birds, so different natural ecological landscape, condensed in the cold forming characteristics of Taiwan’s high tea, metamorphosis to create a distinctive taste throat rhyme tea.

Packaging design based on which the elevation of the mountains, the corresponding representative plants and birds out to calm serenity of the art forms, the traditional ink painting, the emphasis artistically, skills, and modern ink emphasized “color” combination Ink natural sway, blooming wanton sense, in addition to the specific presentation of the mountain on behalf of the birds images of plants, but also by light penetration Nongzhuo between strokes, creating clouds and mountains surround atmosphere, such as poetry and like to show people drinking elegant quiet .