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It’s mission over the past years has remained the same: to create a packaging website as simple and digestible as possible.

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What a good #hair day for #Pasta! #Packaging Designer: Nikita (#Russia) – https://www.packagingoftheworld.com/2016/03/good-hair-day-pasta-concept.html
Posted by Packaging of the World on Wednesday, 16 March 2016



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The new logo is a freshening up of what’s been there all along: our acronym “POTW” (Packaging Of The World). The letters P.O.T.W can be found easily in the logo while the letter “P” is the prominent and it is the most important element – “Packaging”.

From a design perspective, it’s modern, stylish, and understated. Yet the new signature mark is a quick communicator of our 10+ years of inspiring designers all around the world, communicating simplicity and keeping up with the times. Download the POTW logo over here.




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