New Dove Advanced Hair Series



Agency: JDO
Country: UK
Type of work: Commercial work

JDO’s premium platform for Dove continues

Following the success of the ‘Dove Advanced Hair Series’ launch in the US earlier this year, JDO Brand Design & Innovation have again partnered with the Dove Hair team to design a more premium format and pack design for the launch into the UK.

New ‘Dove Advanced Hair Series’ was launched as a premium tier of products sitting above the core Dove hair care tier and consists of a technically superior portfolio of products which, when married with Dove’s superior care, provides tailored treatments for specific hair need states. The new collection contains advanced weightless moisture formulas that combine luxurious ingredients, top end fragrances and beautiful packaging.

In contrast to the US launch that saw the portfolio of products presented in bottle and tottle, the new launch secures a move of format with products available in more premium and contemporary state of the art tube packaging.

The resulting pack designs communicate and hero each individual platform technology with the use of a bespoke gold foil icon. In addition, for the shampoos, JDO developed a new approach by adding depth and visibility to uplift premium cues via the use of graduated metallic pastel colours. Each colour and hue has been carefully considered and developed to underpin and communicate the platform need state/benefit.

To conclude the design, JDO added platform colour inspired transparent caps across the three launch platforms – Oxygen Moisture, Youthful Vitality and Pure care Dry Oil. The result is an ultra premium and engaging presentation of Dove’s new Advanced Hair series range.

Tim Jebb, principal and founder of JDO said, “The premium look of the metallic ink together with the opacity of the pure clean white associated with the Dove Hair brand creates a clear point of difference for the range. We were able to use our specialist knowledge and understanding to bridge the gap between our design vision and the technical challenges of the project.”