Qcare is an Egyptian cosmetics brand. Aimed at queens between the ages of 18 and 30. The brand is a handmade product, in which materials are extracted from nature. Our product is extremely zero chemicals and 100% natural ingredients. We aim for a royal beauty skin, as we think that every women is a queen.


We created a simple logotype based on a “serif font” and attempted to match it with an Arabic version to communicate with a subset of our customers.

The color palette chosen carefully to represent the queeny behaviors and natural feelings. Our palette consists of Oxley, jet stream, forest green, and royal green.Our goal is to emphasize the presence of the solid green colors to reflect the sense of cactus, alovira, and so on. The second color palette can be used in strategic cases.

The letter Q was chosen as a favourite icon, and it may be employed in a variety of ways depending on the brand. To connect with the natural tale and ideals we want to express, we picked a trendy natural serif typeface.As a result, for printing purposes, we used the “Myriad Variable Concept” typeface as the body text. and “Nebras,” which fits the logo and gives the expensive design a feminine appeal.

The pattern is based on the crown of the queen. The Q letter is shaped like a crown, with a point in the middle as the diamond on top. The Q(s) are connected together to show our customers as a group of queens.

Packaging Design

Following a meeting with the client and a series of consultations. We chose to emphasize the value of wealth, property, nature, and simplicity all at the same time.
The emphasis on the idea that the product is handmade with high quality, especially in proportions estimated according to the consumer’s condition, is the unique selling point.Depending on the brand attributes, our packaging reflects premium quality and regal design.