Magmaxx Fruit Crystal Food Supplement

Magmaxx fruit and vegetable crystals are a Hungarian dietary supplement made with unique technology, a concentrate of crystalline, powdery fruits and vegetables. It is a chemical-free, natural alternative for health maintenance.

When redesigning the jar label, I also designed an outer packaging for the product to protect it from damage.

I chose recycled, slightly glossy, textured paper. A viewing window on the front of the box makes the color and texture of the product visible from the front, even when placed on a shelf. The shape of the tree canopy in the logo I designed makes a different twist on the packaging of each flavor variation to create a shape that reminds us of a fruit.

The same shape leaps into three dimensions and reappears through the viewing window on the jar’s label. Inside the fruit symbol on the bottle’s front label, a viewing window opens to represent the seed of the fruit. Together, the locking tag and the shape of the canopy on the cap represent the fruit tree symbol.


Consulting teacher: Judit Tóth
Consulting teacher: Eszter Szőcs
Photographer: Balázs Imre Szentesi
Corvin Art School