Derrick Lin


Designed by Irene Tarasova, Russia.

My goal was to create a packaging for a range of natural oils with the unique shape and a concept behind it. This project was inspired by Italy and minimalistic graphics.

The main idea was to compare oil with gemstone to reflect that it’s precious to human health. The shape of a package is based on a Reuleaux triangle, it’s an equilateral triangle with rounded sides. Such a shape is also used for cutting gemstones and is known as a trilliant.

The logo is based on this shape as well. The name ‘Ambra’ means ‘amber’ in translation from Italian, its color reminds the color of oil. The images of products are covered with triangles of different colors and transparency, which creates the effect of refraction, as if looking through the crystal facets.

Design is based on a white color with a different main color for each pack, this unites the whole range and at the same time emphasizes the individuality of each pack.