Derrick Lin


Design: branding agency
Designer: Ekaterina Gorn
Art-director: Anna Trofimova
Creative director: Dmitrii Artemev
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Novosibirsk, Russia
Packaging Contents: Sour cream, yoghurt

The A.STUDIO agency has developed a packaging design for thermostatic sour cream and yoghurt from the “Lubimoe Moloko” brand. The design is based on an interpretation of an idea – a product that matures right in its jar. The agency managed to utilise this concept to differentiate the brand from similar products – and present in on the shelf in a new way.

The package represents a small jar covered with a towel, inside which a natural product turns sour. In order to make it easier for the buyer to navigate through the assortment, the “towel” color varies depending on the fat content, or on the taste of the yoghurt. The brand recognises customer desire to take care of their health – and this is why the product packaging specifies its health properties: “a lot of protein for a healthy diet”, and “improves digestion”. The rear labelling advises dressing salads with yoghurt instead of mayonnaise and finding outmore about how thermostatic products are produced.