The Befli is a free-from breakfast and sandwich bar. The main product of Befli is the sandwich, which can be eaten locally or taken away. As a small start-up, they wanted to design a box that was simple, easy to manufacture, store and assemble, but not like its competitors. That’s how the choice was made for a glue-free, tab-opening concept, that can be folded and transported quickly and function as a great plate after unfolding. The lovely graphics will make some customers feel free to use it again later to transport their own sandwiches.

Befli wants to stand out from the surrounding area not only in its concept but also in its quality. Even after the purchase, they would like the guests to take the Befli experience with them, so the graphics in the box were created using lovely elements that fit into the image. In addition, an exemption line will appear on it, indicating the type of sandwich at the time of packaging. When buying several products, the sandwiches are not even mixed by accident, everyone eats what they have chosen.