Click Click – Wine & Lamp (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Dani Bydani
Project Type: Student Project
School: EASD Soria
Course: 3º Grado
Location: Palencia, Spain
Packaging Contents: Wine and lamp
Packaging Materials: Glass and paper

The main concept of this project is the recycling, transforming an empty bottle of wine in a lamp, thereby, it fulfils one of the aims of this product, which is to go along with the couple throughout the date, from the beginning with the opening of the bottle, to the end with the light of the lamp.

The principal reference of my project is a Peter Behrens´s poster, where both concepts of the product (the wine and the lamp) are unified.

What’s Unique?
My project is unique because it transforms a bottle of wine on a lamp when it is finished so this product is a union between recycling and wine creating a lamp.