The Butterbowl (Student Project)

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Agency: Alexandra Matthies & Nicole Plock
School: HTW Berlin
Course: Communication Design, Packaging Design
Tutor: Prof. Katrin Hinz, Prof, Birgit Weller
Project Type: Student Project
Location: Berlin, Germany
Packaging Contents: Butter

The Butterbowl is an innovative packaging design for butter with new usabilities and solutions in order to improve the deficits occuring with the most common packagings for butter. In the process the concept was also adapted to a whole range of further dairy products.

What’s Unique?
The packaging is split into two parts. One half can be stored in the fridge to keep it fresh until the other part is finished. If friends are coming over for breakfast, both butter parts can be served at each end of the table, so it is reachable for everyone. Moreover the design is very sleek and integrates nicely into the set breakfast table. A transfer into a butter dish is not necessary.

The two parts of the packaging are split and held together trough a closing lid. The lid also provides some space for a little inlay.