Old Norse (Student Project)



Designer: Alex Burrowes
School: Glasgow Clyde College (Cardonald Campus)
Course: BA Graphic Design
Tutor: Kenny Reid
Project Type: Student Project
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Packaging Contents: I.P.A.

Old Norse is a mock-brand for the next World’s Strongest IPA. Instead of one, single IPA, three alternatively brewed IPAs would be used to create a set — all reaching the 70% mark.

This brand is based off the typically strong idea of Norse mythology. Old Norse features three notable places in Norse mythology: Valhalla, Asgard and Hel — creating a set.

Each label has a base pattern to tie the three IPAs together but with small differences to highlight features in each place. The neck labels have all three symbols, in the same order, to further highlight the idea of a set.

What’s Unique?
To create a sense of age, the labels are printed on a copper-esque paper. In addition to this, the paper is torn and marked. The swing-top caps are also sprayed black to add weight to the idea of the I.P.A. being a heavy percentage.