Allpa Organic Coffee

Derrick Lin


Design Agency: Mezcla – Estudio Creativo (Perú)
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Allpa Organic (USA)
Packaging Contents: Organic Coffee
Packaging Materials: Matte Laminate

​Allpa is a Quechua word meaning terrain, soil, country or land. All a reminder of how important the origin in which the foods we consume come from. Allpa Organic is a Peruvian – American family owned business that strives to bring only the most premium quality and organic foods grown, sourced and produced from Peru. In this case, Allpa Organic brings the best organic coffee of Perú in 5 different presentations: Blend, Indigenous, Cherry, Yellow Bourbon and Female.

We were asked to develop the entire visual-corporate identity of Allpa Organic: Concept, naming, logo, stationery and 5 different packages of coffee now we are pleased to show.

What’s Unique?
Unlike traditional packaging of coffee, we offer a fresh and colorful image to Allpa Organic Coffee packaging, differentiating colors for the type of coffee they have inside.