Happy Bag (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designers Gintare Ribikauskaite & Ingrida Kirkliauskaite
Project Type: Student Project
School: Vilnius Art Academy
Course: IV
Tutor: S.Gužauskas
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Packaging Contents: Bags, clutches
Packaging Materials: Cardboard, plastic,paper

“Happy Bag” is a social graphic design intervention project that focuses on nowadays problems such as materialists and increasing human love to material things. Many of us are tired of everyday’s routine and are not happy with our everyday lives. “Happy Bag” is trying to examine what people value the most. You can see the valuables as bags and clutches are transparent and all their content are visible. They are decorated with a note “BUY EXPERIENCES INSTEAD OF THINGS”. That is our slogan which is spreading our message about increasing love to material things and which also reminds us that things are not as important as an experience, which is priceless. “Happy Bag” is an original accessory which will help you to stand out in the crowd and will also raise a question: Are material objects more important than experiences?